today janata  bank mcq exam question English Solution

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today janata  bank mcq exam question English Solution

Mr. Abdul Rahim feels like “a cuckoo in the nest” by becoming the employee of the month. The underlined idiom?  A person is like by everybody

Choose the correct sentence –

If I find a bag in the street, I will take it to police

The man was blind ——his left eye— of

Employees must adhere “ to” some rules set “by” the management.

Choose the correct spelling-  Questionnaire

The synonym of the  word  “narcissism” is- Selfishness

The synonym of the  word  “ Articulate” is-  : Eloquent

The antonym of the word “ Thrive” is-  Stagnate

The antonym of the word “ Belittle” is-  Adore

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The man who has committed such an ——– crime must get  the most severe  punishment. –  unworthy

The judge acquitted him………………the charge .—-  of

Rafiq failed in the examination because none of his answers were ———-to the question asked. —   pertinent

She is shocked because she —— a terrible accident .  —– has seen

A person   who cannot be changed  is called is  a word : —  incorrigible

He said to her “ what a cold day!” The indirect speech of his.

He exclaimed  That it was a cold day

meaning of the phrase ” to smell a rat”  — to suspect foul dealing

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